Updates from the People’s Cafe

Its been a busy week at the People’s Cafe, with infrastructure coming along by leaps and bounds. The space is now well set up with sofas, a fully operational and clean kitchen, a kid’s space, a free shop and our workshop spaces available for booking by anyone. We’ve been visited by the Fire Service who kindly fitted smoke detectors in all the rooms and we’ve done a full check of the health and safety of the space, closing off rooms that might not be safe until we’ve finished fixing everything.

On Monday and Friday we held film nights, and on Wednesday we hosted DIY Discussions, a radical feminist discussion group who held an evening of making crafts to be sold to raise money for the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA). Outside of these scheduled events there’s been plenty of spontaneous music and creative happenings, but we could always do with more!

Next week we’ll be opening up the space even more for folk to come and hold events, workshops, gigs or forums to share ideas and come up with inspiration for radical action against social injustice! Click here to view the schedule 

This is your space too, so lets make it happen!

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